El Kiosco Express
Serving the best in Mexican food for over Forty years! For decades in Rialto, and now in Redlands!
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The Morden Family welcomes you! 

Edward and Soledad Morden opened their first Mexican restaurant back in 1977. Most of the recipes were derived from Edward’s (Lalo‘s) home state of Sonora, Mexico. Soledad (Chole) also added some tasty favorites from her hometown of Jalisco, Mexico. With Lalo’s amazing cooking skills and Chole’s friendly service, the first El Kiosco in Fontana CA was a major success! 

In the early eighties The Morden’s made a tough decision to break from the long hours of the restaurant business to spend more time with their small boys, Edward and Erik. Once the boys were in their teens the Morden’s felt it was time re-opened El Kiosco. This time in a modest eatery in Rialto CA. The family portrait you see next to this narrative was taken around this same time. After less the than two years El Kiosco became so popular, they had to move to the larger Minick’s Barn Location on 916 S Riverside Ave. It is there that the Morden’s built a reputation  as one of the premier Mexican Restaurants in the Inland Empire. 

The boys are all grown up now. Edward has a established career as a Graphic Designer in the LA Area. (In fact many of the paintings, logos, and menu art are you see at El Kiosco Express are of his creation) Erik decided to stay in the restaurant business, and after decades of helping his parents he has decided to branch out on his own.   

So here we are! With the help of all the Morden family, Erik opened El Kiosco Express here in Redlands CA.  He brings with him all the recipes that have made El Kiosco famous over the past five decades. The only thing different is the ‘Express’ part!  For starters ‘Express’ stands for food that is served fast and fresh. Unlike our casual sit-down service at our Rialto location, El Kiosco Express is designed to get your order off the counter and in to your hands in a hurry! Secondly, ’Express’ stands for allowing the customer to express themselves during the ordering process. All of our ingredients are listed front and center on the menu board so the customer can ’express’ exactly what the want or don’t want on there order!  

Once again the Morden Family would like to thank you for coming to El Kiosco Express.  Hopefully we’ll see you again soon!    

El Kiosco Express
802 W Colton Ave Suit B
Redlands CA 92374
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